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About The Dalles Civic Auditorium

The Dough Boys of Wasco County had barely returned home from Flanders Field in France when the City of The Dalles decided to honor their sacrifice in making the World safe for democracy. The Dalles Civic Auditorium is a memorial to the Veterans. It shows foresight in providing a community center with a space for every pastime of the era.

The Great Fire of The Dalles on September 2, 1891 had cleared the land. Every structure in the area bounded by First and Fifth Streets and from Monroe to Union streets was in ashes. Such fires were typical of the time because cities did not have effective municipal water systems. Once such a conflagration started, only the lack of fuel could put it out. As luck would have it, The Dalles water system, complete with fire hydrants, began construction a few weeks after the fire.

The Sunset Division, 41st Division, had regiments from Oregon and South Carolina. Its creation in 1917 was a response to the entry into WW I. It was soldiers of The Dalles portion of the Oregon National Guard who marched through France with the distinctive patch of the bright yellow sun setting against a bright red sky that inspired the Civic Auditorium. Local National Guard soldiers trained in the Civic gymnasium for the 41st World War II mission in New Guinea.

The Civic fell into disrepair facing the wrecking ball. Since 1991, the Civic has regained new life to take its rightful and original place as the community center. The Dalles Civic Auditorium; It is “Where it Happens!”

The Dalles Civic Auditorium is owned and operated by the non-profit corporation Civic Auditorium Historic Preservation committee Funding comes from rentals, memberships, donations, fundraising activities and grants.

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