Logo -- RedCivic Auditorium Historic Preservation Committee is a proud member of The Oregon Cultural Trust. We would greatly appreciate your financial contribution. How it works:

The Oregon Cultural Trust partners with over 1,300 cultural nonprofits throughout Oregon. A gift to one or more of these qualifying nonprofit organizations followed by a matching gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust allows a donor to claim a tax credit. The tax deductible portion of memberships to many Oregon cultural organizations also qualifies toward the matching gift.

For more information: or call The Oregon Cultural Trust at 503-986-0088 for assistance.

Dear Friends,

This is an important time for the Oregon Cultural Trust.

In the next month, the Trust will be reaching out to Oregonians and asking them to
make a contribution to support our state’s unique cultural life and heritage. As you may
know, the Trust has a goal of raising $4 million and dramatically increasing the number
of donors from across the state by December 31st.

In the coming weeks, as we all spend time with our families, enjoy seasonal
performances and visit our most cherished venues and historic locations, we are asking
that you take the time to make a donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust.

And in most cases, your donation will ultimately cost you absolutely nothing.

How? Through a tax credit on your state income tax for contributions to the Trust (keep
in mind a tax credit is different than a tax deduction. Your tax bill is literally reduced by
the amount of the credit!). To earn the tax credit:

First, make a donation to Civic Auditorium Historic Preservation Committee.

Second, make an equal or greater contribution to the Oregon Cultural Trust online at

Finally, claim your 100%, dollar for dollar tax credit for your gift to the Trust on your
Oregon state income tax (up to $500 for individuals, $1,000 for couples filing jointly and
$2,500 for Oregon Corporations).

Supporting Oregon’s culture couldn’t be easier or more important. To learn more simply
visit our website or contact the Trust via email at or by calling 503 986 0088.

Thank you for taking the time to support Oregon’s most valuable resource; our unique
culture. Give the Gift That Grows. Donate today.

Civic Auditorium Historic Preservation Committee


Give The Gift That Grows…